You May Delay, but Time Will Not. ~Benjamin Franklin

Why ordering your show services early can save you time and money

Most of us perform our work responsibilities and manage our personal lives according to a schedule. We meet deadlines everyday—we get to work on time; pay our bills and sit down in our seats before the movie starts.

The reality is most companies are trying to do more with less money and staff. Ordering early can save you considerable budget dollars.
Surprisingly, though, many exhibitors don’t order their show services by the advance order deadline even though ordering early can save you as much as 40%. What’s more, ordering services on site can be a frustrating experience. You may have to wait in line, wait for a service provider to arrive at your booth or the contractor doesn’t have the right color because your order could not be anticipated.

We suggest you order your show services at the same time you book your flight, hotel room and register for the show. That way you know this group of costs was all handled at one time, well ahead of the deadlines. Some of the commonly forgotten items that often get ordered on site are lead scanners, plants and floral, chairs, tables, literature racks, audio visual equipment and booth cleaning services.

So, don’t delay, order at least 30 days in advance in order to save money and time.


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