Exhibiting at a show as a new exhibitor involves a fairly steep learning curve. The good news is—we’ve all been there. Here are a few hints from the Hargrove team to help you get up and running for your first show.

  • Read all your contracts and order forms thoroughly. Many problems can be avoided by simply reading the documents that are being signed.
  • Draw a mock up of your booth—use graph paper. Make sure everything fits.
  • Put all exhibiting deadlines on your calendar when you register for the show with a reminder at least one week out. You can save quite a bit of money by simply ordering services by the deadline.
  • Bring all your order confirmations in a convenient and accessible place (hard copy and/or electronic) in case an order needs to be verified.
  • Double check your additional and/or non-Hargrove services and know what has been ordered.
  • Bring all of your tracking numbers to show site so you know what address your materials were shipped to and who the carrier is.
  • Be clear on the union and booth set up rules and regulations. You will find them on the Hargrove website.
  • Plan your shipping round trip—both inbound and outbound.
  • Get to show site early. Early in the day for a one-day move in. The day before if the show takes place over multiple days.
  • Give yourself plenty of time during move out—don’t schedule your flight too close to the close of the show
  • Before the show, call your general contractor and ask to speak to the onsite exhibitor services representative. Let them know you are a new exhibitor and ask them what you need to know and any tips for a first time exhibitor. Talk to them about your shipping.
  • Bring a supply kit and pack it so you can get to it easily when you are unpacking. It should include scissors, tape, pens, spare power and audio visual cords, first aid kit, batteries and cell phone charger.
  • Get the lay of the land of the trade show before you arrive. Review the online floor plan to determine where your booth is on the show floor and where your booth is in relationship to the main entrance and registration. Make a note of what hall you are in so you have a sense of direction when you are on site. Review on the floor plan what exhibitors will be around you so you are familiar with their company names.


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