Hargrove exhibits at a variety of trade shows to build brand awareness and generate leads for our three divisions—trade shows, special events and exhibits.

At Hargrove we’ve got a team of talented experts who ensure our exhibit booth is always the talk of the show. We thought you might be interested in our methodology:

Step One:

Brainstorm what message we want to share. The message should differentiate us from the competition and resonate with prospects. Try to get it down to one word, phrase or sentence. For example, for our 2010 campaign, the word “energy” became our message foundation.

Step Two:

Then, determine what entertainment, talent or attraction will bring this messaging to life and attract attendees? We have found that people are curious; want to feel trendy; like interesting consumables and definitely want it to be all about them. For example, in 2010 we found a photographer who could photograph attendees’ auras – the invisible energy field that surrounds us. Each attendee would be given a photo of their energy field with a description about their unique aura.

Step Three:

With the messaging and talent requirements identified, we write a complete project brief which covers all of our needs and messaging to hand off to the designer. Note here that the booths we create don’t necessarily include extensive fabrication, but are very high impact. The designer then develops a booth customized to our message and ensures our attraction fits into the booth. For example, the designer used huge light imagery that was dramatic and expressed the energy we were trying to communicate.

Step Four:

Create pre-show, onsite and post show marketing campaign (mail, email, phone) which incorporates the messaging; are eye-catching but cost effective. Send out two weeks prior to show and one week after show. We announce attraction in booth in these materials.

Step Five:

Add in promotional items. In 2010 we used a pre- and post-show post cards with the energy imagery. We also gave away yo-yos that lit up when in use. Attendee aura cards fit into folders with the same messaging.

Step Six:

Create slideshow which showcases our work and includes the same messaging and graphics for the plasma screen.

Step Seven:

The sales team collaborates on how to verbalize and share the messaging in the
booth to prospects so we’re consistent.

Step Eight:

Review attendee list to identify prospects and leads. Our team stays focused at show and ensures all leads are captured.

Step Nine:

The sales teams return, and we debrief on both the lead generation and effectiveness of marketing strategy. The post show mailer is sent and follow-up to prospects begins.


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